real led grow lights in action

LED Grow Lights 101: Types for Vegetable/Cannabis Growth


real led grow lights in action

Growing plants indoors takes knowledge and the appropriate equipment. In order to find the best LED grow lights for your plants, it helps to know what is available. There are different types of lights, and each type can be helpful in a different way. To put it short: these are grow lights made out of LED.

There are single channel lights that turn on and off. These lights require a lot of attention from the grower to make sure the plants are getting enough light and at the right time.

There are two channel lights. These lights have a veg mode and a bloom mode. This allows for a more flexible amount of attention from the grower, although it is still necessary to make sure the plants are getting enough light and the settings are appropriate to the growth stage of the plant.

The next type of LED grow light would be programmable lights. These lights are available in various brands. They are the most advanced option currently on the market and provide sufficient light in the proper timeframe to make growing plants indoors easy.

Some lights offer different bands, with options from eight bands up to 11. The different bands offer the ability to grow different types of plants. Meanwhile, lights with certain wattage cover bigger areas and allow the grower to handle a large garden with optimal growth for all plants. Some lights even emit light on the invisible band of the spectrum, allowing a more pleasing view for the grower each time he or she visits the plants to see how things are progressing.

The industry is working toward lights that are fully automated in panels. However, there are also bars and bulbs on the market now. The lights can be purchased as round or square and allow the grower different flexibility for plants, garden size and type of plants that can be grown. Knowing the intended plants and desired size of the garden goes a long way toward choosing the best LED grow lights for your garden.